Our History

“A great park should be a tranquil, rural landscape where people could recuperate from the incessant pace of city life. These pleasures belonged to people of every social class, not just the wealthy who could afford to travel outside the city. Prospect Park would be for everyone…”

Olmsted’s Vision of an Urban Respite, Prospect Park Landscape Architect, 1866

Prospect Park, in its original design from the 1860’s, included rolling green meadows, meandering carriage drives with high elevation scenic lookouts, woodland waterfalls, springs, and bridle paths. It was a park designed for horses.

Our barn at 51 Caton Place was built in 1930 as the last extension of the riding academy at 11 Ocean Parkway founded in 1917. The first extension was torn down to make the foot bridge over Ocean Parkway. The original riding academy closed in 1937 and is now a warehouse. Today, Kensington Stables is the only remaining stable in the Prospect Park area. We continue to offer friendly, accessible, and affordable equestrian activities for New Yorkers and New York’s many visitors from all walks of life.