Age and Weight Limits

If you weigh between 200lbs and 240lbs, please let us know in advance when you schedule your appointment.

Dress Code

There are no restrictions. However, we recommend appropriate attire for a safer and more comfortable experience. Riders should wear long pants and low heeled, closed toe shoes. We advise against flip-flops, sandals, high heels, or sharp heels.


Certified helmets are required for lessons and pony rides, and are optional for trail rides. However, riders age 17 and under must wear a helmet at all times. You may borrow ours or purchase your own. A popular model is the International Equi Lite helmet. This helmet is available at the stables for $30 each in blue, green, black, white, gold, silver and purple. Fashion colors are $35 each in blue mist, sunset pink, lavender and citron. Sizes are small (6 1/2- 6 3/4), medium (6 7/8- 7 1/8) and large (7 1/4- 7 1/2).

We can order any helmet model made by International and safety vest made by Intec. Please allow four weeks for processing and shipment.

Weather and Ground Conditions

We are required by law to suspend services when temperatures are 90°F or higher.

We are also required by law to suspend services when temperatures are 18°F or lower. This restriction does not apply to activities indoors where the temperature never falls below 35°F.

The stables may choose to modify or suspend services when ground conditions are unsafe due to deep snow, ice, or mud. Trotting or cantering on frozen ground or deep mud, for example, can be injurious to both horse and rider.